Time to Knit

For the last few weeks I have not been able to spend much time with my current knitting projects. As many knitters know this can be very frustrating as we often use knitting as a way to relax, our very own form of meditation.

When things in the office and around the house get busy, knitting always ends up taking a back seat whether I like it or not. I can try to finish up work just a little earlier or even leave the mess to deal with another day, but really it makes no difference. I am still exhausted and would rather spend the free time resting or taking a quick catnap. Knitting slipping further and further away from my list of priorities.

Foreseeing a major burnout in my future it is time to take action and make time for me. No I am not going to book myself in for a relaxing day at the spa. I am going to book a day to KNIT.


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